Snowy Mountain Hydro Scheme

CMS were engaged to perform a coating condition assessment, survey and coating repair recommendation on the T3 Talbingo Penstock, the Murray 1 and Murray 2 Penstock.
The Snowy Mountains Scheme is an integrated water and hydro-electric power utility located in Australia’s Southern Alps. It is operated and maintained by Snowy Hydro.
The Scheme diverts the headwaters of the Snowy, Eucumbene and Murrumbidgee Rivers westward through the Great Dividing Range, and releases water into the Murray and Murrumbidgee Rivers. This long-term water regulation is designed to counteract the effects of drought, and to raise productivity in the Murray Darling Basin. In addition, water from the Scheme underwrites the production of around $3 billion worth of agricultural products every year.
While the diversion of water for irrigation was always the original vision of the Scheme, the engineers were well aware of the potential for the generation of hydro-electricity. The Government was able pay for the massive undertaking through the sale of that hydro-electricity, making the Scheme a reality.  By directing the water through a series of power stations as it plunges 800 metres down the western escarpment, the Scheme can generate large amounts of peak-load electricity to meet the daily fluctuating demands for power in eastern Australia.