Our team of expert auditors are extremely proficient in preparing detailed audit plans for an organisation, delivering meetings, and submitting reports at the end of a specified period of time.

As a renowned provider of comprehensive inspection and assessment services, CMS offers a wide spectrum of lead auditing services as per the needs of your organisation. Over the years, our lead auditors have assumed complete responsibility for leading the audit teams in different organisations.

Here are some of the most important auditing activities undertaken by CMS.

Pre and Post Shipment Inspection:

On behalf of our clients, we apply statistical sampling techniques in line with international standards to carry out both pre and post shipment inspection. As required by our clients, we can offer this type of inspection service in the premises of the manufacturer or the logistics partner, or at the storage facility. The inspection criteria for our on-site services include safety standards, functionality, processing quality, packaging, quantity, contractually assured specifications, functionality, visual impression, and more.

Internal Auditing:

As your internal auditor, we can help you demonstrate exemplary corporate governance by measuring and improving your business performance, identifying business deficiencies, reviewing board and sub-committee charters, assessing the performance of the board and sub-committee, preparing independent performance audits, investigating complaints and allegations, assessing board control, and many other similar activities.

Third Party Auditing:

Our third-party auditors approach every project with solutions that are custom made to improve the overall functionality of the business. At CMS, the needs of each client are addressed and of course, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution.

Quality Control:

As your lead auditor, we add value and improve your organization’s operations by thoroughly examining the processes for quality control, risk management, and governance. Our quality control and assurance program comprise of quality improvement strategies and ongoing internal assessment, followed by external assessment by a qualified, independent assessor.

Goods Tallying:

Goods tallying service by CMS provides assurance to our clients that the quantity or number of goods to be received or shipped is exactly the same as that mentioned in shipping documents such as the letter of credit, bill of lading, or others.

Packing Supervision:

We also offer packing supervision service where the packing, marking and labelling are checked elaborately. Monitoring of packing details and product markings is done to confirm that suitable packaging was provided while shipping the material. Batch numbers, manufacture dates, expiry dates, supplier certificates, shipping marks and packing lists, and labels are also confirmed during this process.