CMS is the preferred Australian expert in concrete structure inspection and assessment. Our engineers are extremely knowledgeable in concrete durability and we understand how the service life of any structure depends on its interaction with the surroundings.

Please contact us for more information on our spectrum of concrete condition assessment services. These include:

  • Failure analysis
  • Repair and specification
  • Concrete coatings
  • Resistivity, carbonation, and hardness
  • Porosity, ultrasound, and chlorine contamination
  • Concrete field test
  • Concrete moisture
  • Investigation and condition assessment

Survey Planning

At CMS, we consider survey planning to be an essential component of concrete structure inspection. We advise our clients on appropriate testing based on their desired outcomes, safety and reliability needs, commercial aspects of the business, and maintenance plans. Our team establishes the exposure by reviewing the project’s design, construction, and past/present operational activities. In many instances, the cause of structural deterioration can be identified within the design. Construction assessment often requires reviewing the seasonal influences, materials used, construction records, and techniques used. Logistical planning is also a critical component of our survey planning process.


At times, the condition of the structure cannot be determined immediately due to the cyclic effects of the load or environment. In such cases, we provide monitoring systems such as linear polarisation, displacement transducers, potential cell, strain gauges, rack probes, and more.

Appropriate Reporting

With a practical approach to consulting, we make all possible efforts to ensure appropriate reporting as per the client’s project needs.

Inspection and Testing

Our concrete structure specialists have a wealth of experience in sampling, laboratory analysis, and non-destructive testing. We use standard classification systems for reinforcement corrosion and concrete defect classification. This ensures consistent results especially in order to mitigate subjective assessments.

We believe that the extent of testing required must be planned carefully. Use of too few samples may result in poor results, while testing lots of samples can be expensive and unnecessary. Our team knows how to collect samples without damaging the structure and also ensuring that the sampling is representative. To ensure appropriate sample size, correct labelling and purity, all samples are collected in accordance with standards.

Result Assessment

In most of the cases, the cause of deterioration can be established very easily. However, in the long run, there can be significant implications caused by the secondary effects. We also establish the extent of deterioration so that our clients can put together the most effective repair method. We also help establish decay rate, leading to an estimation of the future deterioration.