CMS provides the most personalised service in the industry. Our size and experience allows for a service that is designed to suit each clients changing needs.

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About CMS - Coating Inspections

Welcome to CMS, Australia’s preferred destination for a comprehensive range of engineering and consulting services.

CMS specialises in Coatings and corrosion control and inspection, field and laboratory coatings identification and failure analysis, Identification and quantifying of hazardous coatings, Insulation inspection, concrete assessment, welding inspection and NDT services, and contract administration for maintenance and construction activities.

CMS Offers a tailor made, front to end in-situ solution for your coating installation and slip testing requirements.

CMS can audit your applicator to ensure that the specification for the coating application is being met, overseeing from the surface preparation stage to the final slip test to AS 4586 and 4663

Don’t allow your project to fail because of poor quality contractor work, get CMS involved and avoid costly failures from the start of the project!

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Inappropriate work quality and products that often lead to the early breakdown of an asset!

The consequences of premature failures in an industry can be far-reaching and may very easily lead to damages several times that of the original investment cost. We provide world-class inspection and assessment services that provide you with the assurance that your contractors will perform as expected.

Our advanced corrosion control inspection, assessment and other consultancy services ensure that we are able to perform our work in accordance with the highest quality and to the relevant specification and standards. Our integrity assessment and consultancy services are tailor-made for reinforced each customer and include but not limited to steel structures, concrete structures, industrial coating, industrial welding, pipeline, and pressure vessels. These services have been used with great satisfaction by many industries across Australia.

At CMS, our inspections and consultancy services can aid contractor performance, system outputs, and extend the service life of most assets. Our quality-assured approach maximises your return on investments by providing the lowest possible life cycle costs. We provide detailed reporting for all work performed and inspected and can deliver the highest level of inspection service adhering to all worldwide standards including ASTM, SSPC, ISO and our very own AS/NZ.

You can leave all your quality related worries to our inspectors. Our inspectors are not just there not watch and report but will work with the client and contractors with years of experience to avoid and solve issues as they arise throughout your project. By helping eliminate large asset failures, we have played a key role in maximising the return on the financial investments of many of our clients.

Contact us today for a third party inspection of all infrastructure including wharves, bridges, refineries, oil and gas, pipelines, concrete infrastructure and more.

Certified NACE Inspectors

CMS have one of the largest pools of inspectors to call on in Australasia, our inspectors are highly experienced and certified NACE CIP Coating inspectors, technicians and technologists, having earned the required qualifications through the NACE Coating Inspector Program (CIP). NACE, or as it is now known AMPP Inspection is the foundation of our corrosion control expertise.

To minimise project downtime, we work to ensure that all structures are inspected whilst in operation and non-destructively tested using ultrasonic (UT) technology. This enables us to provide a comprehensive inspection service without interfering with day-to-day operations.

Coating inspection are available for all coatings and Paint systems – including shot blast, hot-dip galvanising, epoxy, polyurethane systems and more.

All our NACE inspectors have years of experience in the industry working with many different types of structures.

Coating inspection services

Once a tailor-made inspection for our client is scheduled, our coating inspector will visit the project site, perform inspections and prepare a clear written report that outlines all the findings. Each coating inspection is tailored for each client’s specification requirements and can include a detailed surface preparation inspection, coating inspections, coating thickness measurements, high voltage testing, low voltage testing, adhesion testing (if required).

The inspector will provide a written report that outlines the findings and highlights any coating or application deficiencies, using professional testing methods to the standard required.

Our Coating consultants and coating inspectors can perform anything from adhoc coating inspection, to full condition and corrosion assessments of all structures in all industries such as oil and gas, water, waste water, construction, renewable energy and many more.

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