Established in 2014, CMS was formed by the fusion of two companies with experienced personnel in inspection/assessment/Engineering services spread throughout oil and gas, pipeline, concrete, construction, water and waste water industries. We provide corrosion control, integrity assessment and consultancy services for all industries we service.

In today’s extremely competitive business landscape, inspection, assessment and quality control has become an important tool that business and infrastructure owners of today can’t do without. This is why a high percentage of businesses are now more than willing to invest in third-party inspection services.

We are a solution-based technical specialist with a team that comprises of experts who bring many years of experience to the industries we service. We provide complete packages from well before the start of the project, all the way through to MDR sign off. We serve all Australian regions and undertake special projects in different parts of Asia. Confidentiality, independence, impartiality and integrity are some of the important values we implement at CMS.

Service is at our core and exceeding the expectation of the clients is our main goal. Rather than offering a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for all, CMS believes in catering to each of our clients’ needs at a personal level. With this goal, all our inspectors are handpicked from first hand relationships, and where we have seen their ability to care for clients, and the level of service they’ve provided. Our inspectors all have practical hands on experience as tradesman prior to becoming an inspector.

With over fifty combined years in the quality industry behind us, we provide detailed inspection and reporting that leverages the latest and most advanced testing equipment and cloud-based reporting processes. As a third-party inspection agency, we have successfully served many different industries, including but not limited to oil and gas, marine, petrochemical, rail, building and construction, and water.

Our services provide you with

  • Robust competitive position in market
  • Adaptability to rapidly evolving market conditions and different government regulations and standards
  • Improved productivity
  • Better market image
  • Defect and re work minimisation
  • Cost reduction and more effective cost management
  • Enhanced profitability
  • Higher customer focus and satisfaction
  • Higher customer loyalty and retention
  • Improvement in employee morale
  • Enhancement in shareholder and stakeholder value
  • Improvement of processes