CMS offers state-of-the-art coating, fireproofing insulation and hot dip galvanising inspection and consultancy services for many different types of projects.

Coating inspection is extremely important for all parties involved in a project because it adds durability and value by reducing expensive rework and maintenance. What is an asset without a properly installed coating system

At CMS we provide world class coating inspection and failure analysis services to ensure that your assets remain well protected and potential coating failures are avoided.

Whether you have a construction site, factory, shipyard, laboratory, or power plant, the quality of your coatings is of paramount importance because any failure may very easily lead to lengthy downtime, in addition to expensive repairs.

CMS offers comprehensive inspection services for your coating, insulation and fireproofing works. Our coating inspection and failure analysis service helps assess the quality of coatings on stainless steel, ferrous-steel, aluminium, concrete, plastic, brick or plastic for performance, compatibility, and conformity.

Services Include

  • Specification
  • Inspection
  • Failure analysis

Our extensive coating inspection and failure analysis service includes:

  • 3rd Party witnessing
  • Specification design services
  • Failure analysis
  • Periodic quality control and technical inspections
  • Laboratory services
  • Testing of coating hardness, thickness, gloss, adhesion, colour, environmental, abrasive media, chloride sulfate and nitrate, profile, continuity testing
  • Coating supervisor/Inspector training

We are also known for our expertise in the inspection of fireproofing and hot dip galvanising. It is highly recommended that galvanised coatings be continuous and free from inclusions and surface imperfections. Our inspection work starts well before your galvanising components are dispatched to the galvaniser. This ensures that your assemblies or castings are suitable for galvanising and there is no delay or costly rectification at the galvanising plant.

Mentioned below are some of the points we recommend for ensuring optimum quality of the galvanised product.

  • The galvaniser should be aware of the purpose, and the same must be considered in fabrication. If required, appropriate hanging points must be provided.
  • Satisfactory galvanising and safety guidelines require that all hollow structures and closed vessels are vented.
  • In order to eliminate air pockets and avoid zinc traps, all welded frames and structural sections should be vented.
  • Ensure the removal of welding slag and spatter
  • Appropriate bracing must be done for assemblies that may experience dimensional instability in the molten zinc bath.

Fireproofing and insulation inspection is a large part of our industry. Fireproofing is an absolute requirement for many oil and gas plants, structures, buildings and many more types of infrastructure. Strict OHS and Insurance requirements ensure that these industries provide certain standards of fire protection to ensure the safety of the people and the environment and CMS is well equipped to ensure that these requirements are met.