At Coating Management Solutions, we have a fleet of advanced drones capable of inspecting your asset in detail in no time.

Industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, communications, utilities, and many others require inspection of their assets and equipment on a regular basis to ensure optimum efficiency and safety. The traditional practice of human inspection has its own limitations when it comes to confined spaces or elevated structures. This is why an increasing number of industrial establishments are now relying on drones for inspections that are critical to managing their operational challenges, and at the same time reduces risk for human injuries.

Our drones offer you the safest, fastest, and the most economical alternative to asset integrity assessment. Otherwise challenging tasks such as corrosion identification, crack detection and analysis, Hotspot in pipelines, detection of leaks and spillage, land surveys, dilapidation assessments, and many others can be carried out effortlessly by our drones. Making things even better, these drones are capable of sending data to a computer for real-time assessment and reporting. As a result, our clients are able to deal with all potential problems promptly and efficiently, with minimum operational disruptions.

Though this is an emerging field, CMS has considerable experience in handling drone assisted asset management projects in a wide range of industrial sites. Our drone inspection experts have the track record of working and delivering excellent outcomes in several challenging conditions.

Some of the most important benefits of using our drone asset integrity inspection service are:

  • Risk reduction by keeping the staff on the ground
  • Easy and efficient monitoring of asset changes or deterioration
  • Reduced site interruptions with superfast set-up and execution
  • Availability of photographic records with high accuracy
  • Help in planning asset rectification projects
  • Reduced cost for asset management
  • Improvement in the life-cycle efficiency of your asset

Our drone asset integrity inspection capabilities have been utilised with great results for:

  • Infrared inspection
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Power line inspection
  • Wind Turbine inspection
  • Lighting pole inspection and maintenance
  • Inspection of roof mounted solar panels
  • Due diligence for building facade and roof
  • condition assessment and maintenance of heritage structures
  • Monitoring of dam walls
  • Radio and mobile phone tower inspection